TechUncovered: Backend

Community Dec 8, 2020

TechUncovered: Backend happening at the beginning of December 2020 was the 4th event of our TechUncovered series. ‌‌‌‌With this series we aim to bring insights from engineering leaders of tech companies that already passed the initial startup phase. The previous events covered following topics:‌

This time we've invited Tomáš Komenda, Development & Research Manager at Seznam and Petr Burian, CTO at Livesport, to join our Head of Backend Pepa Starýchfojtů to talk about some ‌‌hot backend topics such as: ‌‌

  • Pros and cons of own software architecture vs. architecture on the cloud,
  • why and when to go for monolith and why to choose microservices,
  • how to deal with the synergy of new starters and settled employees,
  • and much more...

The moderator of the evening was ‌‌Jirka Bachel, founder & CTO at LOLO & ScriptEASE with his natural

Don't let get discouraged by the recording being in Czech, there are English subtitles available!

Watch the recording of the event right here:

For more engineering insights shared by Mews tech team:


Gabriela Řehoutová

Mews community management team proud member helping MewsDevs shine while working & having fun. I ❤️skiing, mountains & geeks!

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