Automated zero-downtime migrations

Backend Jan 16, 2020

Mews is used by hotels all over the world in various time zones leaving us with no room for maintenance downtime. This fact and our aim for continuous deployment left us no other choice than zero downtime deployments, as having even short outages is obviously not an option.

However, these non-breaking migrations are executed manually in most companies and are not controlled by any other factor than developers also manually.

At Backendisti meetup #11 I showed how we managed to automate and control them in such a way that developers don’t need to care about schema migrations and can rest assured their changes won’t cause any trouble.

Read my blog post on zero downtime deployments with EntityFramework and feel free to check the slides to my presentation.

For more engineering insights shared by Mews tech team:


Josef Starýchfojtů

I am a passionate engineering leader with a focus on people, learning, and continuous improvement. Previously (and still in the spirit) passionate functional programmer.

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